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0:29 welcome to lockbox my name is jeffrey broger and i am here today with khalid


0:34 yatim call it thank you so much for being with us jeffrey delighted to uh be here with you


0:40 thank you so much for having me my pleasure so why don’t you kick it off by telling our listeners who you are


0:45 and where you’re from yeah my name is khalid i live in los angeles i originally grew up


0:52 in the san francisco bay area i kind of got originally into real estate since this is a real estate podcast


0:59 my parents are my dad’s an engineer my mom’s an academic from a very very early age i loved real estate i was always the


1:05 guy that was going into open houses or you know this seven-year-old kid that you know loved to tour construction sites


1:12 i got my real estate license right out of high school i became the youngest broker of california at age 20. i really


1:18 have just loved loved the business ever since pretty much predominantly i’ve worked across california mostly lived in


1:24 california and currently in l.a awesome yeah great synopsis and i love how you


1:29 talked about how you got into real estate that was going to be my second question if you didn’t dive right into it so that’s a great story that you got

1:35 into it right after high school i almost had the exact same story but i chose to

1:41 do cutco sales instead of real estate sales at 18. which uh took me on an amazing journey

1:48 and learned a lot from that and then i ended up circling back and i was an investor through my 20s marketing agency

1:55 and now i actually do have my license uh in my real estate license i got it last year and i’m doing commercial but yeah

2:00 just i like was so close i literally took the classes and i almost was gonna take the test and it was so close to

2:06 having a similar story so that’s awesome to dove in right after high school and got started early so nowadays i’m i’m

2:13 curious what the transaction volume of you and your team you know where you at today and then i

2:19 have some follow-up questions so that you can help those that are trying to get to that level yeah you know i’ve sold across my career

2:27 you know i’ve sold about 500 million dollars in real estate was a top producer from a very early age

2:33 what we’ve been doing at our company now our is we’ve been building a software platform to help real estate agents

2:42 deliver an ultimate client experience streamline their business streamline the client experience to boost volume and so they

2:50 can they can have more time to deliver you know those personal touch points um

2:56 and that kind of extra level of service in the last you know year we went through a you know we started building

3:02 software a couple years ago in the last year we’ve done something around 50 million dollars in in volume

3:07 in our beta and uh i think we’re going to have a really terrific uh terrific

3:12 2022 you know what we’ll definitely be well into the six figures i’m sorry the

3:17 nine figures in uh in sales volume that’s amazing yeah and i definitely am curious about that so

3:24 you mentioned software that streamlines the client experience right so you took your

3:30 experience of you know 500 million plus in in volume and all those transactions

3:35 that that led to that and then you you created this like very linear buyer

3:41 journey with all the support and this very linear seller journey with all the support is that am i like understanding

3:46 software properly yeah the way that you know i fundamentally believe that

3:53 real estate is a human to human experience first and foremost and as as

3:58 an agent and a broker i know very much the value of a real estate

4:03 agent and i think one of the key you know one of the key drivers that

4:09 makes real estate agents so invaluable to to a transaction

4:14 is that they give people the confidence and the assurity to say yes and to take

4:20 that next step and when we started thinking about the real

4:26 estate transaction itself it was literally looking at what do people do

4:31 better than humans or what do people do better than technology and what does technology do better than

4:38 people and you know so we started thinking about it where like at the core you know

4:43 we want the human to lead the experience but there’s so many things you know in a real estate transaction 

you know there’s

4:49 tremendous amount of paper volume that’s that’s you know common to the transaction of the you know past 20

4:55 years you know you don’t need to write your name a hundred different times you know on 100 different pieces of paper so

5:02 we looked at best practices of software companies who said okay let’s ask the

5:07 sellers all of the legal compliance and all the regulatory questions that they need to answer in a format that they can

5:13 do on their phone right or a format that they can do uh you know what their computer that they’re used to and let’s automate that

5:19 you know let’s create a digital negotiation process so you know we can

5:25 create more activity for for homes rather than having you know a paper embargo where where you know you’ve got

5:32 to take two hours to prepare an offer we looked at all of these different things and really tried to build an end-to-end

5:38 experience led by an agent where there are dashboards and interfaces for both

5:44 seller and for buyer and it’s complex complex software but the complex

5:50 software produces that useful experience for agents so they can do their job

5:55 well so they can really step into being that salesperson that

6:01 they’re really quite good at i think it’s a travesty that so many talented

6:08 charismatic sales people real estate sales people are the some of the best sales people in the world i mean you you

6:15 know coming from cutco i mean that’s you know that you’re probably you know top one percent of sales people if you can

6:21 sell knives i mean that’s that’s a big deal you know that’s that’s that’s hard and you know you look at real estate

6:26 agents and you know they’re terrific sales people and let’s get them focused on selling not being glorified legal

6:34 aids and that’s really what we’re focused on doing nice yeah i love that really letting software

6:41 and technology play to its strengths and letting humans play to their strengths that’s exactly

6:48 right yeah that’s awesome and what is that like for you going through a career of being

6:54 inundated by paper as a real estate professional and now actively building a solution to help

7:00 other agents that are encumbered by this this crazy paper-heavy lengthy

7:06 transaction you know jeffrey i actually you know my journey is going from uh you

7:12 know real estate agent at 18 to you know a founder at 35

7:18 i have over the last couple of years of building i’ve loved almost every minute

7:23 of building this company i mean there’s been a tremendous amount of pain and

7:28 challenge and uh you know being a founder and and you know trying to to

7:34 kind of break out of your shell and grow into that role and so i can’t by any means say it’s been you know easy every

7:40 day but the work in building the product has been honestly one of my favorite things i mean you could you i’ll get up on a

7:46 saturday morning just to jump on and figure out what questions need to be mapped to you know what report and you

7:52 know we go through we built software so across 2 700 zip codes in california we

7:57 know exactly who pays for what and how much that was a joy for me to work on and what and what i really enjoy the

8:05 most is when our agents you know go through a transaction and the paperwork is all automated once the onboarding is

8:11 done and to see that in in the wild and be able to see somebody take that and deliver it to you know buyer’s agent

8:18 without having to do it without this sounding to sales pitch i i really love it it’s it’s my favorite thing it’s like

8:24 it’s like seeing my kid go to college or something like that it’s it’s it’s that accomplishment of helping somebody else

8:31 yep absolutely it is a fantastic feeling to bring something to market

8:36 and watch it work and watch it improve someone else’s life and then be able to

8:42 create a case study like one of the toughest things for me owning a digital marketing agency in the

8:47 real estate space is actually just stopping and looking at results and and case

8:53 studies and looking and you know having my team and i kind of put things together based on

8:58 tracking because tracking with digital marketing is difficult when it comes to real estate transaction you know

9:04 sometimes the wife fills out the lead form but the husband is the one on the loan and it’s tough to reconcile 


9:10 single transaction from it but when you point out for example like a 12-time return on ad spend you know that 


9:16 like one of our case studies and it’s just like man that was a game changer for that agent in that market and you know that they’re

9:22 still with us to this day and and so when you when you stop and you see it in the wild you reflect it’s it’s powerful

9:28 so i could definitely relate with that um yeah this one oh yeah go ahead i was gonna say i you

9:34 know i think the power of marketing as you know something that i

9:40 think is sometimes not as well understood by real estate agents especially earlier in the

9:46 career if you look at the difference between agents that market versus not there’s

9:51 it’s really when you start investing in marketing and awareness and building that

9:57 it’s you really start to develop an asset you really start developing a really well-oiled machine around your

10:03 business so it’s a really important thing to lean into as an agent i think

10:08 yep i couldn’t agree more and there are ways to market and get results

10:13 now and then there’s also that residual benefit of the brand awareness and if you’re going to stick with it for a 


10:19 period of time you know that’s all just adding value adding people to the database a lot of my top clients are

10:25 like just it’s all about the database right so i mean if you take

10:31 one agent who’s doing no types of marketing and is relying on that two thousand or three thousand people

10:36 from their cell phone that they came in as a new agent with as opposed to a different agent that’s just spending just you know a consistent

10:43 amount per month on you know mailers and facebook ads and google and just just little things and

10:50 his database is slowly growing over time in 10 years who do you think is going to be the most successful agent right like

10:56 the person that has five or six or more times the people in their database

11:02 so uh yeah it’s super powerful over time um what i was going to ask you was

11:08 your entrepreneur habit that you attribute the most success to and the reason i ask that is because this

11:13 podcast really is is a podcast designed to distill down the action items for success from top real estate

11:20 professionals so i’m curious you know is there a single habit from your real

11:25 estate career that also then has been a staple of your success now being a

11:31 founder of a software company is there is there a common thread there yeah i mean i think that whether you are

11:38 building a real estate career as a you know as a salesperson and a solopreneur or whether

11:44 you’re building a software company you know it’s a lot of the the core

11:50 elements of success are very very similar right so it’s like i think for i think drive is you know

11:57 one of the very very key importance that intrinsic burning desire to

12:02 wake up in the morning and work on your craft whatever that is i’m very lucky in that i do very much

12:09 love what i do and i love both hemispheres of it i love the software side and i love the real estate side um

12:14 and so i feel very blessed and when you enjoy the work that you do i think that your output is orders of

12:21 magnitude greater so it’s like really leaning into what you love about your work not to say

12:27 that it’s always going to be you know roses and you know you can just work on the things that you love

12:33 but i think you know loving what you do is super important i think that chunking

12:38 is a really important thing you know eating the whole elephant is

12:44 you know never gonna it’s just overwhelming right but if you break things down into okay i want to achieve 30 

deals this

12:51 year okay well how i’m going to have to talk to you you know i’m going to have to you know i go on this many 


12:57 appointments or work with this many numbers of buyers and i’m going to have to have this level of awareness and really just kind of like

13:04 starting with your goal and working from the you know the bottom in steps i think is another important thing and the last

13:10 part that i’ll that the kind of step three is the value of working with a coach my

13:15 co-founder tim and i we work with we work with an executive coach that helps guide us and lead us

13:22 and you know keep us accountable for our goals and we’re at the top of the organization but it’s nice to have even

13:28 some accountability on you know above us you know we have a board of course but just somebody that we 

work with you know

13:33 on a regular basis is tremendously important wow couldn’t agree more and

13:39 your concept of drive being one of the most important aspects or the you know most important

13:46 reasons why you’ve been successful i think it does have a lot to do with it i mean

13:51 you just kind of can’t teach ambition or drive like there’s that hunger that you know you

13:58 could teach tactical skills and you can teach negotiation skills or selling skills but

14:04 you can’t teach drive you know so yeah that’s that’s definitely a major major

14:10 part and for me man i remember being a kid being you know like 10 years old and like both

14:16 my parents were entrepreneurs and so i grew up in a bit of a different world than a lot of people that had

14:22 their parents going to nine to fives you know i saw my my both my mom and my dad you know to a degree 

like loving what

14:29 they did and and working a lot and i would work help with the family business as a kid and

14:34 you know they give me like five bucks here and there to just go do little like menial tasks but being a part of that

14:40 really shaped me and it was interesting to see how then once

14:45 i got into business i had this just hunger to do my own thing because like i didn’t

14:52 ever really find an employee position that fit and that suited me and it was because my ambition was so great 


14:59 remember i remember sitting in an interview and and uh i was like third third interview

15:04 down like getting to the executive teams of this corporation and they’re like what are your goals within the next 10 years and i said i’ll make a million

15:11 dollars in a single year before i’m 30. and they were like well you’re not going to do that here so

15:17 [Laughter] that’s great i didn’t get the job

15:24 and probably for the better you know and and so i that drive there’s just there’s something to that so thank you no i you

15:30 know you know it’s so interesting that you say that because i was out of i went to the university of

15:36 southern california marshall school of business for my um undergrad and i really wanted to

15:42 get the taste of corporate life so i went to work uh for a large bulge

15:47 bracket investment bank and um you know i really realized there that man i’m

15:53 really not cut out for this corporate world right and i and you know i remember you know i had applied to a

15:59 bunch of jobs and i’m like there’s just like god doesn’t want me to have a job like you know it’s like there’s like it

16:06 does there’s the corporate thing just wasn’t aligning with me it just you know when you kind of know that 


16:12 entrepreneurial and you know i think real estate agents understand this for him firsthand like that going back to that drive that burning desire you know

16:19 you’re it’s just a different wiring in your brain and it’s really hard to i

16:24 think then fit that square peg into a round hole and for me

16:29 where i’ve struggled is when i’ve tried to be somebody different than i am you

16:35 know when i wanted to you know work in you know corporate mergers and acquisitions

16:40 it was really trying to be somebody i wasn’t but when i really started leaning into being an entrepreneur

16:46 and you know being a founder which i love so so dearly and the cells

16:53 and the nerves in your body just wake up in such an interesting way where they never woke up that way 

when i you know

17:00 went to the 60th floor of a you know tower in san francisco yeah and for some people that does it

17:07 but for you and i it doesn’t that’s right yeah so i would

17:12 be really interested to hear your take on the future of the real estate industry being on the forefront

17:19 of automating the the paperwork aspect of the real estate transaction

17:24 i mean you’re obviously on the cutting edge of helping to innovate an industry that in a lot of

17:30 cases is is relatively far behind um it’s especially the commercial side oh my gosh i mean there are light years

17:37 behind the residential side and i feel like the residential side was pushed by

17:42 kovid to do to implement certain things that caught them up but real estate’s an old industry and you know i i’m just i’m

17:49 just curious i don’t want to like plant too many seeds and skew your answer but what are your like five or ten year

17:55 projections into the real estate transaction like will the real estate transaction be

18:01 mostly automated by 2030. what are your projections well i think that there’s going to be a lot of

18:08 automation inside of a real estate transaction where humans lead where humans are continuing to lead

18:15 that process i have a few you know one of the things that we’ve seen is you know we have we build

18:20 negotiation software so you can negotiate for a house right inside of our platform you know agent to agent

18:26 what we’re finding is that homes on our platform are selling for four percent more than their direct comp and that’s

18:32 the benefit of technology right you are stimulating more interest for the property you’re generating more offers

18:38 for the property you’re able to negotiate you know more efficiently you’re able to sell the home for more money anytime you see

18:45 positive results like that i think that the industry will continue to lean into you know technological avenues that

18:52 produce better results and you know a seamless experience you know where you

18:57 know consumers are changing obviously tremendously postkovid and i think you

19:03 know uh mckinsey i think uh did a study that said that there was about seven

19:08 years of technological acceleration in the world in the last you know 24 months

19:14 of covet i mean seven years i mean that’s a lot of you know that’s just a tremendous amount of advancement and and

19:20 um i think that the real estate industry we see it every single day with the folks

19:26 that we’re talking to and that understand there’s there’s something percolating in real estate in

19:31 residential real estate right now and the industry is understanding that innovation is happening now

19:37 you know the other part of it is there’s a lot of there’s a lot of changes at the macro level right there’s there’s the

19:43 department of justice that is you know investigating real estate commissions there’s you know five class action

19:50 lawsuits that you know looking at the same thing really g’s just you know ryan gorman at real estate just came out and

19:56 said you know buyer’s agent’s role is going to change and what we look at is is saying

20:03 we need to keep people in this process for all of the

20:09 important reasons that i’ve mentioned earlier but we need to enable them to be able to do more volume and 

do things

20:15 more efficiently and i think that that’s what i see happening in the next five years my my my dream

20:23 jeffrey is i think you know there’s a million homes for sale in america like there’s only a million homes like that’s

20:29 not a lot of homes right and you really start looking at why

20:34 right and buying and selling a home is the third most stressful event in a person’s life

20:40 right behind death and death of a family member and divorce of a spouse and it’s

20:45 a complicated cumbersome process and i don’t think that’s spurring anybody on

20:51 to do take on that process more often right and so what we what i look at is i’m

20:56 like let’s create let’s increase volume let’s increase velocity let’s get real

21:01 estate agents doing you know 50 deals or 100 deals a year versus you know 10 or

21:07 15 or 20. and i think the way that we do that is by creating a frictionless experience and being able to encourage

21:15 you know your your neighbor or somebody in your community to say hey you can buy the home up the street after two years

21:23 no problem like we can create and and facilitate movement in inside of markets

21:29 and i think that that is going to be a big boon for the industry once we unlock

21:35 this real estate transaction and make it a lot more efficient and seamless for folks and i think by doing that i think

21:42 it’s going to be the best thing that could happen to a seasoned real estate professional and

21:49 i think it’s one of the best things that can happen for consumers and i think that you’re going to see platforms

21:54 facilitate that you know over the course of you know the next 10 years i think that’s a phenomenal projection

22:01 and to your point of humans still being involved despite potential commission

22:07 compression technology has really helped the

22:12 friction of the real estate process be reduced and like you said the goal of being frictionless and being able to

22:20 zoom me automated transaction contracts you know have buyers for example doing a

22:27 lot more research and not needing to go see 50 houses because they already know that they’re pre-qualified they can

22:33 afford this one and the appointment is is at this time and it auto goes to your calendar and you just meet them there

22:39 like the concept of the real estate transaction today is really evolving

22:44 and i uh i am very intrigued to see what it looks like in in the next five or ten

22:50 years so i think those are some great predictions and you know moving on to

22:56 really like what shaped you to be the person that you are today it’s easy to listen to this

23:02 podcast and just be like oh man you know here’s khalid like right out of high school

23:08 real estate professional killed it now he’s founder of a software company

23:14 obviously doing super well i mean nine figures in sales right it’s easy to say you know it seemed like

23:20 it was easy or like there was no hurdle or no struggle along that journey but uh you know i’m sure that there were

23:28 right so i’m curious if you have like a favorite failure of yours something that really shaped you

23:33 and set you up for future success do you have anything that comes to mind when i ask that question

23:39 you know i um i’ve had a lot of failures i probably had so many failures that i can’t even

23:45 stand one up as you know as a solo outlier there’s a lot of things that

23:51 i would have liked to have tried to be right an investment banker i really was like

23:57 i’m going to be an investment banker i’m going to be a managing director for goldman sachs i failed miserably at the attempt to do

24:04 that you know for me i’ve never you know i’ve never been the best

24:09 athlete i’ve never been you know this super super top sales person you know

24:14 i’ve never you know i even volleyball right i’ve played volleyball and it’s like okay well i’m always like the worst

24:21 and then i become the most improved and i think that for everything that i’ve

24:26 done failure is oftentimes just the early stages right it’s it’s sometimes it’s a you know even

24:33 an origin point and you work through it right you work through the challenge you

24:38 break up that what is failure you know it’s often just a big you know colossal

24:45 group of problems that kind of mold together and then it’s like you can’t really break it up anymore but if you

24:51 can really start solving problems and not eat up eat that whole elephant i think is a really good way to um you

24:58 know to avoid unnecessary failure but i believe in i think more than i believe

25:04 in failure i believe in growth i would look to my team to provide feedback of ways that i can get better um to do to

25:12 you know continuously improve in anything that i’m doing and i really lean into anything that

25:20 life presents because i think that there’s a journey here and i’m fortunate to have a

25:25 story that i am proud of but it’s not without its it’s not without its pains you know

25:31 especially you know as a founder it’s like i’ve had many sleepless nights um you know i have a team that i support

25:37 and a team that supports me and you know we lean into the struggle together but we come out better than we

25:43 we went into it so true school teaches us that you know if if you spell

25:50 cat k-a-t you’re wrong that’s wrong 0 out of 10 right

25:58 but some would argue that that’s actually a better spelling in fact the phonetic dictionary definition shows

26:06 right there k-a-t and so it’s really interesting this society that we’re brought up in that

26:12 failure is so stigmatized as a negative when in fact it’s molding and shaping

26:18 you into what you then later will become you’ll be able to then get through a later

26:24 storm or help someone else through their storm because you got through one today or one ten years ago so 

yeah it’s uh

26:32 it’s fascinating to to just reflect back on that and be like man you know what even though a lot of times

26:39 when you’re going through things like that they’re difficult or they’re traumatic you look back and those are the stories

26:44 you tell those are the things you laugh about with friends about the trips it’s not when everything’s just going easy it’s when

26:50 something ridiculous happens and you got to figure it out and make it happen so

26:56 yeah you know i was talking i was talking to a friend of mine actually uh we were having coffee earlier today and

27:01 you know we were talking about we’re talking about someone and and uh you know in just the

27:07 journey of you know a young adult right you know 19 years old and you know kind of on their own path and

27:13 how is that you know what society would dictate with him being off course and

27:19 i’m like he’s not off course he’s exactly on the right path and if the world

27:24 doesn’t value his him going off trail that’s you know

27:31 that’s their own judgment right but i believe that what he’ll learn from the next

27:36 you know 18 to 24 36 months you know and you know we go through seasons in life

27:41 right and i think that he’s gonna find his way just like we all find our way i’m i’m an

27:47 optimist right i believe that things work out i believe that you know we’re all you know destined to you know to do

27:54 something special and but the road is not easy but you know there’s been

27:59 many a philosopher that you know for you know hundreds of thousands of years that have talked about you know the the the

28:06 life and the souls journey and and it is those those dark points or those valleys

28:11 that really do shape uh shape and inform you know inform us and uh and really

28:16 make those wins and make the best days all the more

28:22 exciting to relish absolutely and just to wrap this thought up i mean

28:27 if you think of any story any compelling story

28:32 most stories in fact in hollywood and in novels follow what’s called the hero’s journey

28:38 and it’s a very very famous well-known concept that you can easily google and

28:45 it’ll come up with the whoever came up with this i forgot his name right now but jeffrey cameron’s journey that’s

28:50 right that’s right um the hero’s journey it starts with the hero in peace and then

28:56 some impending calamity or change occurs and and throws him off his path or her

29:02 path and then they have to go on a journey to then kind of bring things back to the state

29:08 of peace but in that journey there’s a plot there’s characters there’s drama

29:13 that unfolds and then at the end there’s resolution right and and at when that resolution comes at the

29:20 end it’s satisfying because of the uncertainty of that journey

29:26 so it’s it’s yeah it’s really interesting when you kind of break down the philosophical side but

29:31 if you zoom out from your life that’s what’s happening all the time that’s right and i would tell them i would tell you i

29:36 don’t have any kids yet but you know i would tell my my little niece and little nephew like or or any young person like

29:43 going back to the concept of failure did you learn and did you grow and if you can answer affirmatively to

29:50 those two things i don’t care what happened it wasn’t a failure right as long as you learned and as long

29:57 as you grew from it it doesn’t matter i don’t care if your business failed i don’t care if you know a relationship

30:02 went you know downhill whether you’re responsible or culpable did you learn did you grow

30:08 you can’t go wrong nope that’s just we’re a bunch of spiritual beings having a human experience right that’s exactly

30:15 right so are you still in production are you still selling homes

30:21 um i do i sell fewer now it’s funny i was uh thinking about it the other day i

30:27 was like man i really want to really want to sell some houses so i can use my own software um and

30:34 i get to see the agents do it and i’m like well i want to do that that sounds fun you know probably some some some

30:40 deal flow coming up but uh you know i i’m much more i’m much more excited to

30:45 see you know folks on our team succeed you know to one of our agents

30:50 doubled their production volume you know using the software and uh just create create better experiences and create

30:58 more features and functionality that we can expand into more you know more dimensions of real estate so but i’m

31:04 sure there’ll be a opportunity for me to dabble in it myself soon yeah i know absolutely so yeah you

31:11 really are focused on on the software nowadays i was i was going to start asking some questions about you know

31:16 kind of bring it back to real estate and talk about like referral versus legion and like sure

31:24 stuff like that so you are comfortable going still building those questions yeah yeah yeah so for

31:30 your team nowadays you know what’s the the ratio from like a referral or

31:37 a sphere type of transaction as opposed to a new business transaction from some

31:43 kind of lead generation source what’s the percentage of the ratio you know i think i’m going to talk about

31:49 in terms of value so if you if you look at something called like

31:55 there’s a there’s a term that you know we look at a lot called acquisition costs like customer acquisition costs

32:00 absolutely and if you really start looking at it what is the you know you want low customer acquisition cost right

32:06 you don’t want to spend to have to spend all of your revenue to acquire the customer what is the lowest form of

32:12 acquisition it’s morality what is virality it’s word of mouth what is word of mouth it’s referrals

32:17 and you know for a long time that you know i thought you know referrals is something that you know you hear about

32:22 in real estate right like that’s a common term it’s the same thing at uber right if

32:28 people are talking about uber or they are talking about you know some new app

32:33 or they’re talking about west elm or whatever the case may be that’s a referral right they might use the word

32:39 virality or something like that but it really does come down to that and that is the still the the best the lowest

32:47 cost the most efficient the most effective the greatest form of uh lead

32:53 generation and conversion i think in the world and i i think any business executive that’s much more seasoned i

32:59 think that they would agree with that people are talking about their business way more it’s a better it’s the most

33:05 effective way for them to to drive more customers for their business you know when you look at legion soft you know i

33:10 look at um i spend a lot of time thinking about partnerships right so whether it’s a zillow flex or whether

33:17 it’s a redfin partner program i actually think those two programs specifically are quite transformational

33:24 in the industry you know leads are you know it’s not just a lead right now it’s a highly qualified lead and that’s why

33:30 zillow is saying okay we are not just going to you know pay for this lead in terms of

33:37 hundreds of dollars we now want you know we want a a piece of the action right you know we want to close 

30 yeah

33:45 and i think that that is a really i think leaning into those partnerships are really great um and a really really

33:51 great way to make your business quite efficient and build virality from there right if you

33:58 if the cost of that to you is 30 but you’re then generating terrific referrals because you’re delivering

34:04 unparalleled service and you’re delivering a a streamlined confident

34:09 experience for that client well then you’re generating you know 100 on any referral deal and so i think that

34:15 that that’s the next best uh source of uh you know lead gen and then i think

34:20 that there’s other top of funnel you know top of funnel you know platforms whether it be you know a wilopo or or

34:29 whatnot that you know helps kind of stimulate you know help stimulate top of funnel activity i think that those are

34:35 great too you know if i was i think it’s going back to what you were talking about in the database right it’s a matter of like

34:41 making sure that your databases is full and making sure that the

34:47 experience that you’re delivering is always you know is always on point you go into

34:54 you go into a four seasons it’s always a pretty darn good experience right you know and it’s like if you are always

35:01 delivering that experience you are bound to have more plentiful leads and just

35:08 really drive and amplify your business forward for years to come good point on

35:14 virality i have studied that to a a fair degree i’ve read the book contagious

35:21 i uh read the book you know one million followers from bending brennan kane and and uh

35:28 have really just studied that that concept of like if customers are sharing your business

35:34 that is essentially the largest vote of confidence that they could give and uh you know even going down to the point of

35:41 like retargeting based on engagement and and specifically saves or

35:46 shares you know that’s just when people do that it’s it’s like they’re identifying with

35:51 your company and saying that like putting their stamp of approval on it right um super powerful super powerful and you

35:59 mentioned top of funnel you know why lopo concepts like that or companies like

36:05 that i so i’m actually a digital marketing strategist for wylopo in addition in addition to having my own

36:11 real estate marketing agency they kind of recruited me and they saw what i was doing and they’re like hey you know i met him

36:17 at a conference they needed some help with social media ad innovation and

36:24 i’ve been working with them since last year it’s been an awesome journey great team over there and they do a great job

36:30 at scale and my agency does a great job at customization so they they kind of realize that like

36:36 when we get a top broker that wants to do this custom campaign and wants us wants us to like custom copyright all

36:41 this stuff like wide oppo even says like we don’t really do that you know we we focus on like we know it works

36:48 we’re going to launch a few it’s going to generate top funnel leads like this is what we’re going to do and hey huge credit to like all the

36:55 technology and all the things that they have built out like i get to see the back end of all their ad tech it’s amazing

37:00 but nothing can replace a good old-fashioned one-on-one conversation with a client and professionally

37:06 copywriting a new tv commercial or a new youtube video script or you know like

37:12 that personal touch is really what my agency offers it’s different so uh you know it’s it’s interesting

37:18 that there’s a need for both it’s yes and it’s not this or that right and and you can focus on having an incredible

37:26 referral system in place wowing and delighting your customers so that they are sharing and filling the funnel with

37:31 top funnel leads from both white apple and my agency like it’s it’s yes and like there’s roi from all

37:36 of it so i i really just believe in abundance and and i’m glad you mentioned them because

37:41 yeah amongst the like digital marketing companies in the real estate space


37:46 there are a lot that are so-called gurus that don’t deliver and uh i can say i’m


37:52 biased but y lopo and steezy digital are ones that actually do deliver results so yeah you know i’m fortunate because you


37:59 know my co-founder tim he was a founder of a company called strike social and they you know they


38:04 optimize media performance for you know coca-cola nike netflix and disney so we kind of have our own marketing team you


38:11 know and marketing amplification platform in-house you know through you know through his previous company and


38:19 it’s um it does it is yes hand right like it’s you know brand awareness is really important you know and and like


38:25 you know all the touch points along the way but you know you mentioned something really important and that’s you know


38:31 what are we good at right and it’s knowing what you’re good at knowing what you’re not good at i’m actually not the best marketer right tim would out market


38:39 me you know a hundred to one i would out domain expertise him a hundred to one


38:44 but together you know we can you know we’re ten thousand um and i think that that’s a really good point of you know


38:51 really understanding and and specializing and what you’re good at um and that’s really a lot of what we’ve


38:58 found with our platform is like what are real estate agents good at like let’s try and amplify that and let’s try and


39:05 minimize you know the parts of the business that you know a little bit more kind of have just just not as aligned


39:13 with what they’re super super great at and i think that in any part of


39:19 the world there’s the best organizations have all types of people that are so


39:25 specialized and nuanced in what they do and that’s what makes the apples and the you know the facebooks of the world it


39:31 takes takes skill and talent in a whole mosaic to bring that image together


39:37 yep couldn’t agree more and that’s why even though i have my real estate license i choose to be a marketing agent and


39:44 then you know just take referrals because i didn’t get my real estate license to now learn something new from


39:51 scratch and become a master listing agent i got my real estate license for various reasons i plan to have it for


39:56 the rest of my life but my mastery is marketing and i choose to then stay in that lane and it just allows strategic


40:03 partnerships and opportunities that weren’t previously available because of respa compliance right not taking fees if you’re not a licensed


40:09 agent um just certain things that kept coming up and i was like i’m just gonna get this license man


40:15 i’ve been marketing for five years like i should just get my license so uh to that point like staying in my genius


40:21 zone right and yeah i love that my genius um yeah and and then adding partners to


40:28 fill in the gaps in in their genius zone and what they love to do to to get the transaction across the


40:33 finish line so have loved this conversation is there a question that i should have asked you or


40:40 anything you’d like to expand upon from earlier you know i really loved our conversation i’m so grateful


40:46 to um you know tell my story and and learn more about what you worked on and


40:53 you know really just hear from people and what their experiences in life and business and


40:59 learn from them and you know hopefully uh you know listeners hear something today that’s that’s valuable and you


41:06 know it’s just a it’s my favorite thing is meeting new folks and and uh being


41:11 able to hear their stories and their journeys and been so grateful to be able to do that here with you today yep


41:17 likewise so khalid yatim i really appreciate having you on and


41:23 you know you are not only a real estate broker in los angeles but also a software founder you haven’t even said


41:29 the name of the software by the way nile technology okay yeah founder of nile


41:35 that i mean i haven’t even seen it yet but based on your industry experience


41:41 and the way you’re describing it i think it’s going to be a household name in real estate and uh you gotta let me know


41:47 when that ipo comes out yeah i definitely will look forward to uh seeing you again well


41:52 before that yes absolutely and i almost forgot how can listeners contact you


41:59 yeah they can get in touch at uh contact nilehome.com and uh we have a really really great

42:06 team you know that’s global we sit in los angeles uh we have a terrific team


42:11 out of asia and vietnam and new york and canada and uh look we are we’re startup


42:18 and you know we are a early growing you know soulful


42:24 brokerage that is using technology to deliver an unparalleled experience for


42:31 agents and help them deliver that unparalleled experience for consumers and anybody that shares our vision


42:37 for building and innovating the future of real estate by all means get in touch find me i want to hear from you i want


42:43 to talk to you i want to learn from you i love it thank you so much for your time really appreciate it thanks so much jeffrey have a great day


42:50 thank you for listening if you want to accomplish your real estate goals then i highly suggest downloading my free ultimate real estate


42:58 goal setting framework the link is in the description of the show and it will help you break down your


43:04 annual income goal into the amount of phone calls appointments or open houses you need in order to achieve that goal


43:12 thank you so much and we’ll see you next time