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NILE integrates brokerage, settlement and title into one automated experience for agents and their clients.

NILE vs Traditional

Take your business to the next stage by leveraging the power of our platform to efficiently digitize your transactions.
Cut down the amount of time it takes to finish your paperwork and increase your profits today!

The Nile Transaction

Efficient Processes

The Nile System enables brokerages to shorten your compliance paperwork process from an average of five weeks to only five days!

Digitize Your Documents

Our system digitizes and automates all the documents you need to close your deal including brokerage, escrow, tax, and title documents. This automation eliminates 90% of the compliance legwork involved in a real estate deal and gets agents out of the paperwork business while customers can avoid having to write their name a hundred different times.

Encourage Multiple Bids

Being able to digitize all your compliance requirements allows you to generate several potential offers for a single listing. The increased speeds also allows agents to send out counter offers to interested buyers quickly to get the best value on your property.


Archaic Processes

Real estate transactions are mostly black box transactions that have limited visibility developed in the 1980s with over 500 pages of paperwork that are usually never consumer-friendly.

So Much Legwork

Documentation involved in a real estate deal will go through several parties including buyers, sellers, escrow managers, agents, title officers, attorneys, assistants to assistants, and so much more. All of this adds to making home transactions one of the most stressful experiences you'll have to go through both as a buyer and a seller.

Tremendous Backlog

All of these inefficiencies have lead to a bloated amount of compliance requirements for brokerages that take away from your overall profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

NILE is a residential real estate platform built by agents for agents. Residential Real Estate is stuck in the 1980s. It’s a confusing and archaic process that involves 500 pages of paper that bounces back and forth between buyers, sellers, agents, escrow managers, title officers, attorneys, and the assistants to their assistants. Nile is a software platform that transforms your real estate transaction from a tedious 5-week process to as little as 3 days.

Nile has a proven track record of improving the efficiency of your documentation requirements. Increase home showings by 23% and get 11% more offers on your listings. Our digital platform reduces human error by 90% and helps increase the overall sales price of your property by 4%.

Using the power of our Deal Score Algorithm, we identify the top offer available in the market for your listing. We then send this out to interested buyers and their agents and allow them to send in counteroffers within minutes. This helps encourage bidding wars that drive up your property’s price by thousands of dollars more.